Signs You Have Found The One

Have you ever heard of the saying that you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince?

Does that saying resonate with you?

Are you still yet to find your prince charming?

If so, you’ll want to know the signs that you have the found one, if you are ever unsure.

1. They makes you feel safe

Does your partner bring a sense of constant warmth and fulfilment to your life? If so, this is a strong indicator that they truly love you and value protecting you: any partner that truly loves you will want to protect you – always and at any cost. And in turn, this will always provide you with a warm feeling; a sense of safety when your with them or apart from each other. They will also make you feel at home with them: this essentially means your comfortable around them and have complete peace and trust with this person.

2. They make you want to be the best version of yourself

If you have found that you are continuously striving to improve yourself: you envision and action to be the best version of yourself that you can be. You value that person and you are working hard to ensure that you can always keep them happy and to show them your commitment to this relationship. By being the best version of yourself that you can be, you are being given support and ambition by your partner to achieve that goal.

4. Everything is put into perspective

When you find the one, you will be proud to have them as your partner and will want all the other important people in your life to know about them and meet them: you are making your partner permanent in your life and letting them know that they are your priority. You will also focus on the two of you and only the two of you: anything that you have done in the past is long forgotten and you are focused on building the perfect future with this person as well as being in the moment with them.

3. You make future plans together

If your partner is showing signs that they want a future with you, this is a big key indicator that they are the one. If he or she asks you about how many children you would like, where you want to live or if you would make a shared joint account with them – then they are taking you seriously and are very much in love with you and would love for you to be in their lives forever. This is also the biggest indicator for you finding the perfect match – as if you are both happy with where you both want to live together and other factors that come with a long term relationship: then you have essentially found your lifelong partner!

Love is a beautiful thing and I hope that everyone gets to find their perfect person.

What were signs for you when you knew the found the one?

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