Is a Long Distance Relationship more meaningful than a Short Distance Relationship?

Whenever I see a couple going out on dates, holding hands, it is at those times I envy these couples. They do not realise how lucky they are to have their partner next to them; they get to do everything together even the simplest things such as holding hands or talking face to face with one another. Short Distance Relationships are exactly that and they are beautiful; they are exactly what all relationships should be like – a relationship where you live with your partner and get to enjoy every day with each other.

However with Long Distance Relationships, it is not as easy as that. Long Distance Couples have to communicate with their partners through technology and mail, they focus on when they will next see their partner in order to fulfil the void during the period of their partner’s absence until they see each other next and they have to physically be apart from one another. But does this really mean that Long Distance Relationships are not worth it? I’ll explain exactly why they are worth it and how they are even more meaningful than Short Distance Relationships.

1.Fosters Trust
When you are in a long distance relationship, you are ultimately forced to be physically away from your partner. This is almost like a test and the highest test you will ever receive in your relationship. If you can handle the distance for a few months apart and trust each other deeply, then when you eventually live together, as a couple you will be so powerful and strong together.

2. You Value The Moments You Spend Together
Short-distance couples often get to take the small things for granted – like going out for coffee dates or going grocery shopping together. For couples in Long-distance relationships, all moments that are spent together are cherished and greatly valued which provides a more loving and valuing relationship.

3. You Show More Appreciation and Value Towards One Another
With the time spent apart, you will think more often and deeply about your partner and you will always consider the positive aspects on your relationship such as how to build your future together and close the distance between the two of you.

4. Improves Communication
Couples in LDR have to navigate harder to communicate in their relationships. The aspect of face to face communication is limited so to converse meanings, this is relied upon by text messages, voice notes, FaceTime calls or even mail. But I believe this is a beautiful aspect and here is why…. if you can effectively communicate well in your LDR through these ways… Well, imagine when you finally move in together? You will be unstoppable together.

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  1. […] Long distance relationships are an epitome of incertitude. Because of the lack of physical interactions and intimacy, many couples go through phases of uncertainty. Some couples begin to distrust each other and some question the future of their relationship. Only really strong couples and those truly in love (in my opinion) can withstand an LDR. Those who struggle to trust one another at the beginning, can still have a successful relationship but it takes time. I’ve heard of stories about long distance couples where they weren’t in the greatest of places but over time, they were fully confident in their relationship – even with the distance between them. And this was down to the fact that they both truly wanted this to work; they loved each other even if it wasn’t evident to themselves in the early days of their relationship.For Guljemo and I, we have never had many issues like this at all. And I am pretty proud to say that. We wouldn’t be human if there wasn’t a least one time where we came across situations where we felt worried or uncertain but we resolved this by communication. Because on the whole, I completely trusted him from the start and he trusted me back. In my previous blog, I detailed how being long distance solidified us as a couple and demonstrated the higher meaning of this type of relationship as it does have truly immense benefits. You can read this article here […]

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